Maite 's portrait

“The word that came to my mind was empowerment, and what it means to feel empowered as a woman. Especially as a woman of color. I guess younger me didn’t feel that, didn’t think I was capable of feeling that—but now with the modeling industry changing, seeing models of so many different sizes—mid sized, plus sized—it feels really good to see people that look like you. And especially doing shoots like this, where a camera is on you and there’s pictures and videos being taken of you. You’re not the only viewer, so many other people are going to see it. They like the picture, so it’s very empowering. It’s a really good feeling, to model, sometimes.”

About Maite

Maite (she/her) is a Mexican-American model who enjoys traveling, binge-watching anything on Netflix, and spending time with friends and family. 

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