Hello Again

Qianfan Gu & Zhu Yi's portrait

Qianfan: “H is for Hello Again. We two have been friends for almost a decade, and we actually realized later that our moms used to go to the same place to work, and they actually sent us to the same kindergarten, which means we were long lost childhood mates. I feel that we have already known each other for longer than a decade. We’ve been knowing each other before we were born…It feels really fortunate to become friends with someone who has already been your friend without your noticing. It’s a little bit like how I think we should deal with our bodies. Our body is our friend, and then we just need to rediscover its histories and become friends with it again.”

About Qianfan

Qianfan Gu (she/her) is a writer and art critic with articles published in Artforum, Art in America, Esquire, among many others. She co-founded and co-edited Heichi Magazine (2020-2021). She is also the cofounder and publisher of Gong Press.

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