Yasmin Naomi Jones's portrait

“I chose the word Juggernaut, because I try to remind myself every day to go full force and very hard with my artwork and just work on my creativity every single day. I think you should just live your live like that anyway. You only get to live once, so you really should just try as hard as you can every single day.”

About Yasmin

Yasmin Naomi Jones (she/her) is a 29-year-old model and illustrator born and raised in New York City. She’s been drawing as long as she can remember; it was how she channeled her anxiety, which she’s had a significant amount of since childhood. Her artistic style is a blend of grotesque and eroticism, which is reflected in both her illustrations and solo photoshoot concepts. Her pieces are known for having an abundance of small detailing all throughout them, like small bugs, scars and stitches, blood drops, bandaids. It makes the art very chaotic—and some would even say overwhelming—a perfect interpretation of what’s going through her head while she’s creating them.

See Yasmin also in letter W.

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