Victoria Caputo's portrait

“The letter K makes me think of the word kindness, because in a world that’s so divided, we need to be kind to others. We’re also in a world where there is such a harsh critique on the way that women in particular look, and act, and we’re expected to be this one type of way. Body positivity is all about being kind to yourself as well. All sizes and shapes are beautiful, and we need to make sure that we’re putting kindness outside to others but also inside to ourselves.”

About Victoria

Victoria M. Caputo (she/her) is the author of Trust Me: Through the Eyes of a Survivor, which focuses on her battles with mental illnesses as well as how she overcame these obstacles. Since becoming an author, she’s also become an advocate and motivational speaker, sharing her story and spreading mental health awareness at schools, local events, radio, and television. Mental health awareness and support is her biggest passion—so much so that she is currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in counseling.

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