Ira & Hilary & Vinay's portrait

Vinay: “Especially since we’ve had Ira, we have started questioning our assumptions of what it meant to be parents. We also started questioning our assumptions of how we expected to spend our time; it’s really been interesting.”

Hilary: “I think questioning is also a reflection in your body—you just change all the time, and I think you can always be questioning that. Especially as you grow older, you feel different, and you’re always questioning where you’re at, finding the point that you’re at, understanding it, doing that scan, and then working with yourself on that level.” 

About Ira, Hilary and Vinay

Hilary (she/her) and Vinay (he/him) are a happy couple living in Brooklyn with their son, baby Ira (he/him). They love to bake and laugh together.