Jiaojiao Xu's portrait

“Respect was the word that came to mind when I was posing for letter R. I feel like I understand the word respect a bit more, a bit deeper, when I was posing for it, because I had to bend over to hold up my neck and my head—almost like holding up my ego. And for my lower body, I have to keep my legs like this [apart] instead of in parallel, and I think keeping it like this means being critical. Those are the two important parts of respect—first, holding back our ego, and second, being critical at the same time.”

About Jiaojiao

JiaoJiao (she/her) is a survivor and tree hugger who enjoys kayaking, hiking, and cycling. Her favorite places on our planet: Spring in Kyoto, summer in Sanremo, fall in Kilpisjarvi and winter in Zermatt.