Khira Goins-Paxton's portrait

“I think there's a lot we need to unpack within ourselves. And as a society, I think often we live in a silo or be the only see things from our own perspective, and we have a lot of trauma and experience within ourselves and within the world. So I really think sometimes we just need to sit down and unpack—including myself—what’s made us think a certain way, how we view ourselves, and how we view others.”

About Khira

Khira (they/them) is a NYC based creative producer and casting director originally from Tennessee. They are the founder of FND.agency a NYC based casting and management agency. Their focus is to center DEI in all of their work from who they work with on production sets, to the clients they cast for and the people they cast. This focus is why they were excited to be the Casting Director for this project.

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