Justin Stewart's portrait

“I think the word that stands out the most to me is wonder. Wonder is the title of a book that came out when I was in middle school about a kid named Auggie Pullman. He had a craniofacial disorder, and the story described his journey going through elementary school and middle school and just navigating that space. Everybody has their differences, and everybody has things that they're not okay with when it comes to their appearance, and it doesn't have to be on your face. It could be anything on your body. I would just say, find different ways to love yourself. Some days, I just really stare in the mirror for a few minutes and I'll just be thankful for the traits that God gave me. Whoever you believe in—God, the universe, he, she, whoever you choose to take your faith in—they didn't make any mistakes when they made you. You were made perfectly fine, just the way you are. Just gain some solace in that, and things will work out the way they're supposed to.”

About Justin

Justin (he/him) is an inspirational speaker and life coach. Diagnosed with cleft, Justin now uses his platform to  be a cleft and anti bullying advocate. He encourages stay true to themselves and to be brave in this action. 

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