Alexis Henry's portrait

“I've always been considered a plus-sized model, but when I first started about a decade ago, the industry was completely different. Probably ten times more restrictions in there are have been what you would see in magazines and catalogs. We were we were specifically reserved for like Macy's and JC Penney and things like that. Very specific aesthetic. Whereas now, we're able to see a lot of designer pieces on the plus-sized bodies, were able to see them on the runways. I embody the exclamation point, because we are driving the message home.” 

About Alexis

Alexis’s podcast, The Plus One, has acclaimed a following of creators alike, who share their stories and verbally document their journey as artists. The Plus One is a podcast space for all creatives with something to say, a nod to mental health, and a light to navigating life, love, and relationships. Alexis hopes to encourage others to be kinder to themselves by promoting mental clarity, racial justice, and true-size representation.

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