Jordan Underwood's portrait

“I strive every day to fight for collective liberation, for the liberation of all marginalized people. That’s a personal value that I have, and something that I work for and I try to hold myself accountable to that value every day. I also think that liberation is a part of reclaiming your body, and feeling liberated in your skin, and not feeling inhibited by social pressure or whatever the hegemonic ideals are that we live under. Screw that, you know? If you are fat and if you want to go do a split, and you want to go be a model, and you want to go skydiving, do it. There obviously are barriers to these things because we live in a society that is steeped in bigotry and white supremacy and all these things, but as far as what’s in your control, go do it. Live your life.”

Jordan Underwood (they/them) is a fat, trans, non-binary model, multidisciplinary artist, and activist based in Brooklyn.

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